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At Encompass Areté there are at least three specific goals.

  1. We want to work for you temporarily and change your outlook permanently.
  2. We want your career to be as successful as possible.
  3. We want to ensure you are not another bankruptcy statistic.

Outlined below are goals that are very important to Encompass Areté. These goals have been created to help a prospective client an understand the purpose of Encompass Areté, and the value of working closely with Encompass Areté.

work for you temporarily and change your outlook permanently:

It is our goal to offer you insight into areas of life your are currently unaware of, or possibly neglecting. Through assessment and evaluation Encompass Areté can give you a clear perspective of your strengths and weaknesses, and provide you with the knowledge to better yourself with each passing day.

your career should be as successful as possible:

As a professional athlete you have a very limited window of time that you can use your physical skills to provide yourself with a salary. This requires you to be at your highest potential.

Encompass Areté helps you maximize your potential during your professional years, on and off the field.

As a professional athlete you should not become a bankruptcy statistic:

A staggering number of professional athletes find themselves broke within years of retiring from their sport. By working with Encompass Areté you will gain the knowledge and motivation to make intelligent decisions with your income while you are an athlete. This will prepare you for your life after your professional career has come to a close.

Though we offer advice about making intelligent financial decisions Encompass Areté WILL NEVER offer you an investment opportunity. Remember, we want you to avoid bankruptcy, not enter it.

There is no fee for consultation and all inquiries are confidential. Please contact us to learn more about Encompass Areté, or how we can help you achieve your highest potential.


Encompass Areté LLC is not an agency, and at this time we take no position on specific agent selection. As with any long term investment, due diligence is required before you select an agent. Encompass Areté will advise during this process. Please contact Encompass Areté for guidance during the agent selection process.

Encompass Areté, LLC is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their highest potential through advising, coaching, counseling, and training.

Encompass Areté, LLC is headquartered in Rockford, Michigan, and serves clients across the United States.

Encompass Areté, LLC cares about your privacy. All services subject to confidentiality agreement.