The founding philosophy of Encompass Areté (pronounced ahr-i-tey) is closely tied the meaning of the word areté. Areté is a word that comes from Ancient Greece. Defined simply it means “excellence in any form”, but there is nothing simple about Areté, or its value to the human race.

In Ancient Greece, Areté was often described as a virtue, and for many in their culture it was a part of daily life. It was a standard of conduct that challenged them to reach their highest potential, and a way of life that compelled them to become the best they could be in any given area. Areté has been described relating to athletics, philosophy, education, and many other areas.

Areté is very complex when viewed as a philosophy. In order to achieve excellence, one must strive to reach their highest potential. The striving is what drives the philosophy. Without the continued pursuit of excellence Areté is lost.

Areté is an all encompassing ideal that leads us forward as individuals, and if we encompass Areté it becomes central to our philosophy, and our growth.

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