What is Academic Excellence? Graduation from high school? Ph.D? Somewhere in between? Each person is different, and that is okay. Excellence in academics is more than attending school, doing homework, and studying for tests. Excellence in academics prepares us for our lives, and it increases our chances at success.


career planning/advising

Career Planning and Advising

talent/skill assessment

Talent & Skill Assessment

college preparation

College Preparation and Planning


Life Improvement can be defined in a number of ways, and it is different for each individual. While one person may need to better understand budget management, another may need assistance with organizing their life, or something entirely different. Every individual can benefit from an outside perspective and influence.

My intent as a life coach is to put you in a position to be as successful as you can be. This may include examination of many areas of your life, including but not limited to, your current/past career, your interests, and your goals.

If you live in Grand Rapids, Michigan or the surrounding area in-person life coaching is only an email away.

If you live outside of  West Michigan life coaching services are still available. Technology has made it possible to serve clients across the United States.

Consultation is always free. Contact me now to begin living a better life.

life improvement


Career planning/advising

Goal Setting

Resume & cover letter writing skills

Budgeting and financial planning

Transferable job related skills assessment/training

Leadership skills assessment/training

Strengths and weaknesses assessment/evaluation